Glenburn Baptist was founded by Rev. Barry Williams and started out as Southside Baptist Church. The church first met in the Brediland Community Centre on Cardell Road, Paisley. The first service was held on Sunday night October 18th, 1998 with 15 people attending.

In January 1999 the church voted to look for a building of their own to meet in. After looking at various empty church buildings for 6 months the church almost gave up hope of finding a building.

In July the church was informed that it could no longer meet at the Brediland Community Centre and they were given two weeks to get out of the building. One week after a special prayer meeting the church found an empty Baptist Union building located in Glenburn which was less than two minutes from the Brediland Community Centre.

The church voted to lease the building for 18 months and then purchase the building. The church at that time changed its name to Glenburn Independent Baptist Church.

The first service was held on July 18th, 1999 with 25 people attending. On August 1st there was a special Dedication service with 48 in attendance. Two years later on August 31, 2001 the church building was purchased from the Baptist Union.